West Dean College

 Established by Surrealist patron and poet Edward James, in his former home in West Sussex, West Dean College has an international profile for conservation and arts education.

Today it welcomes students on 600+ short coursesdegree programmes in arts, conservation, and design and NEW online short courses.

Set in the heart of the South Downs countryside in West Dean Gardens with a restaurant, it offers a vibrant calendar of events, from author and artist talks to exhibitions and connects people with a rich heritage of creative possibility.

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

Fine Art Summer Show 

The hugely-popular West Dean Fine Art Summer Show runs each July. Showcasing original work by emerging artists on the Graduate Diploma and MFA programmes, the show features a diverse range of practices, with work in a variety media including sculpture, installation, printmaking, painting, film, ceramics, and textiles.

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

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Photo: Chris Ison

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

Photo: Thom Atkinson.

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