Artelium Wine Estate

Artelium is an artisanal wine producer based in the Sussex countryside, creating fine English wines using traditional methods. A vineyard with hospitality at its heart, it’s a space to enjoy wine and art against the breath-taking backdrop of the South Downs.

The estate shares its award-winning wine and the land that makes it so special through winery tours and tastings – or direct to customers’ doors via their online wine shop.

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Join a Vineyard Tour for a unique insight into the Artelium story, with a guided walk through the vineyards followed by a tasting of three wines.
Enjoy exceptional wine, delicious food and a very warm welcome every Thursday, Friday & Saturday either on the sunny terrace or cosy tasting room.
Art at Artelium: see exhibitions and pieces of outstanding artwork throughout the estate, including on the vineyard and within the indoor spaces.

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