Following Ravilious - Newhaven Views

Explore a free art trail of giant billboard-scale works all over Newhaven, East Sussex, featuring contemporary artist’s responses to Eric Ravilious paintings.

Following Ravilious – Newhaven Views celebrates paintings of the town by renowned artist Eric Ravilious. Ahead of the Turner Prize coming to Eastbourne  the project features some of Eric Ravilious’s best loved images of Newhaven, with responses by contemporary artists Charlotte Prodger, Mark Titchner, Emily Allchurch, and Jo Lamb. The artist’s responses have been inspired by Ravilious and the modern Newhaven landscape. The Ravilious works are all in the Towner Eastbourne Collection. 


Newhaven Harbour. 1936 - Eric Ravilious

Newhaven Harbour lies within walking distance of Furlongs, the home of artist and Ravilious’ friend Peggy Angus. Ravilious would regularly visit Angus and undertake painting trips in the area, including Newhaven, where he was attracted by the busy port, ships, and industrial machinery. This project enables some of Towner’s world class collection of Eric Ravilious’s Newhaven paintings to sit within the spaces they depict for the first time.

Each location on the trail will have two artworks, one a Ravilious painting and the other the work of one of the contemporary artists. Alongside the trail, see a special display of the four paintings in the Ravilious Library at Towner.

The project is curated and organised by Towner Eastbourne, supported by the Newhaven Enterprise Zone.  To keep up to date with news about the trail and events, follow @creativenewhaven.

August – October 2023 // More details

Main image by Jon-Santa-Cruz


A characteristic broad-leaved tree of Sussex woodlands, the Hornbeam is recognised by its smooth, sinuous trunk and furrowed leaves. Long ago its exceptionally hard wood was used in the Weald to make charcoal for iron smelting.



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